Such A Shame

Just wanted to pose a question and see what everyone thought.

Why do you think that there is more people upset and outraged with Cecil the Lion being hunted and killed over Planned Parenthood selling aborted fetuses for harvesting?




There have been more tweets, Facebook posts and media coverage regarding Cecil being hunted for sport and brutally murdered than Planned Parenthood illegally harvesting and selling aborted fetuses. This is a tax funded non-profit organization that is turning profits illegally.

I’m not condoning the senseless murder of a majestic and protected creature for sport, but at the same time this is American citizens tax dollars being given to a company that murders children for a living. Then they go ahead and sell the baby parts to whoever is paying. Where are the citizens priorities here?

There was another video leaked online yesterday from the undercover group that exposed these criminals. But I still see more people talking about Cecil the Lion.

So share your thoughts with us. What do you think about this situation?