Why It Sometimes Takes A Smack In The Face


I’ve begun to wonder why it sometimes takes something extreme to happen to force people to come to the realization of an impending danger. Most of us have either experienced it ourselves, know someone who’s experienced it, read about it in books or seen it unfold in a movie.

Take for example the Trojan War in 1300-1190 B.C. (also portrayed in Homer’s Novel, “The Iliad”). You have the proud people of Troy hiding behind their mighty impenetrable walls for a century. Dozens, possibly hundreds of armies have tried to attack the city using brute force, but the walls have held up against all attacks. Now the Greeks come with their massive army like all the others before them. They too try to attack the walls of the city using brute force and again the walls have prevailed against their army. But this time, the Greeks outsmart the Trojans and built what is infamously known as the Trojan Horse. They construct an enormous wooden horse with an inscription, “The Greeks dedicate this thank-offering to Athena for their return home”. They burned their tents, moved their ships from the coast and left the horse for the Trojans to find. The Trojans thinking that the Greeks went home saw the horse there and thought it was a peace-offering for them, so they dragged the massive structure into the city. They didn’t know that the wooden horse was actually hollow on the inside and had soldiers hidden within it. After the Trojans brought the horse in the city, the entire city of Troy celebrated their latest victory that night. When the city finally rested from the celebrations, the Greeks snuck out of the horse, opened the gates for the army to enter the city and destroyed Troy.

The point of this example is two things, history repeats itself and the pride of the Trojans got the best of them. They were warned not to bring the Trojan Horse into the city by some of the leaders, but were too arrogant and full of pride. They believed it truly was a present left by the Greeks but were wrong of course and it led to their destruction. This same pride can be seen today within the United States, inside the people and the government.

Everyone believes that their “city walls” are indestructible and will protect them from impending danger. America should know first-hand all too well from experiencing the events of Pearl Harbor and 9-11, that no one is untouchable especially if God allows these things to happen. He allowed the Israelites to be conquered numerous times for not keeping the covenant that He made with them. In the case of America, we are a little bit different though as God didn’t make a covenant with us, rather America made a covenant with God. I would think that the same rules would apply with us though. He would continue to bless our great nation and protect us as long as we were still “One Nation Under God” and put Him before anything else. Unfortunately for our country, we couldn’t learn from the mistakes of Israel or Troy.

As Christians, we were given warnings of what to expect before the coming of the Son of Man. We were told to look for signs in the sun, moon and the stars, look for wars and rumors of wars, look for famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places, lawlessness will be abound so the love of many will turn cold, the days will be like the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. All of these things can be found throughout the world today, but yet people (even Christians), choose to ignore them. This is a mistake that can be costly. We as Christians are tasked with the job to walk in the ways of Christ and to spread his gospel. We are supposed to look for the warning signs as well and warn others of the impending judgment that awaits the world.

We can’t be selective with which parts of the Bible to preach. If you only preach the good parts of the Bible, you are failing the people for they will only know of one aspect of God’s love and mercy. The punishment that comes from being disobedient needs to be told as well, otherwise no one will understand the boundaries that cannot be crossed. When God gave His instructions to the Israelites after they escaped Pharaohs bondage, He told them how He would bless them if they heeded His commandments. He also made it very clear what would happen if they didn’t follow His instructions.

The masses need to be informed of what John and Daniel wrote about in the books of Revelations and Daniel. They need to understand what Jesus meant in Matthew 24 and Luke 17. These are all necessary teachings from the Bible especially living in today’s day and age. I don’t think God would have included them in the Bible if He didn’t think it was relevant. The relevancy can be seen today more than any other time in history. We have had a wave of historical changes in our laws and policies that affects every American and shows the rest of the world where we stand as a nation on specific topics. We are seeing the Christian fundamentals that our nation was founded on, being thrown out the window in place of acceptance and tolerance of things God Himself described as abominations. Let us not forget how America is turning her back to Israel (with the Iranian Nuclear Deal), which will come with another set of judgments, as God told Abraham in Genesis 12:3; “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed”.

This nation has become a country that has bowed down before money, sexual immoralities and now foreign gods (Satanic Bronze Statue unveiled in Detroit). It shouldn’t take something drastic to happen for us to see how America is welcoming God’s judgment with open arms. But again unfortunately, history repeats itself and that smack that is needed to snap out of it, may come too late for those who haven’t accepted Christ.


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