A Golden Opportunity

Many of you may know the story in the book of Genesis about Adam and Eve.  Yes, the tendency is to blame them for the mess we now live in called sin.  It is such an ugly thing that we were born into.  Adam blamed Eve when God asked him why he ate the fruit.  Eve in turn blamed the serpent.  Since then until now the blame game is ongoing and there are no winners.  Why is this you may ask!  Well, the reality is that we have nobody to blame because of what God did for every single one of us.  I heard of a story of a bridge worker who saw a big boat filled with people approaching the bridge.  He was about to open the bridge but then he saw his only son on top of the bridge playing.  He had to make a choice at split second to either keep the bridge closed and cause the boat to crash into the bridge and ultimately kill all on board or open the bridge and kill his son to save the many on the boat.  What would you do? What choice would you make?  I am sure of your answer and yes, it is a hard choice but not many, if any at all, would choose to take their son’s life to save many.

GOD’S ULTIMATE SACRIFICE:  We need to understand the reality of the cross.  God saw that sin entered the world to mess up what He created and He made the ultimate sacrifice of killing His only son to save each and everyone of us, you and me.  He sacrificed His only son’s life to save us.  Not only did he do that but he gave and continues to give us chances to change our lives.  He is waiting with open arms for us to accept Him and live for Him.  This is such a privilege considering our messed up ways.   See, God loves us so much that He gives us a chance to be “born again.”  Born again in the sense that we surrender our lives through confessing our sins to Him and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and change the way we live.  God also promises that once we do that He will guide us into living that way that pleases Him and secures a place in Heaven for us to live in eternal peace.  Now tell me that is not love?

TIME IS RUNNING OUT:  God is saying “seek me now while you have the chance.”  He will not wait forever because He has prepared a place for those who are living for Him and there is a place he wishes that not will go.  That place is called “hell” where there will be weeping and wailing continuously.  You will get burned non-stop.  You will be wishing you were dead.  The truth is, you do not have to go there.  Why make a choice to not accept Christ and experience eternal love and peace in Heaven.  This is not to scare anyone but to encourage all who do not have a personal relationship with Christ to change their lives and escape hell.  “Seek God now, do not wait.”  The time is drawing near.  Look around and you will see proof as you read the Book of Revelation.

Carim Hyatt

Author of THE IMPORTANCE OF SALVATION:  available on amazon.com

Website:   speakup4god.com



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