God wants to pour out His blessings on each and every person, country, nation.   The question is, CAN GOD BLESS AMERICA the way It is right now?  We live in the midst of sodom along with many other negative influences which are against what God said in the Bible.  With that said, it is very hard for God’s nature to pour out on America.  This is not in His nature.  There needs to be a renewal.  There needs to be a spiritual washing of this country.   There has to be a change of heart.  Overall, America needs to repent.

Many will be left behind as the Bible tells us but it does not have to be you.  Each is responsible for his/her salvation.  The time is near and we can see clearly, those who believe.  The unbelievers are many and their hearts are hardened but We must continue to pray that their hearts become soft for receiving God.  This applies to government, schools, homosexuals, lesbians, politicians, lawyers, and the list goes a long way on.  The truth is, GOD CAN BLESS AMERICA but only if AMERICA REPENTS.  Will she repent?  Nobody knows but God.  My hope is that she does since I have a passion to see the lost get saved before the end.  THE END IS NEAR, THIS IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.


Carim Hyatt


The Importance Of Salvation


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